Ghetto Gems – How to Raise a Pimp

My Nubian Prince:  My grandpa always told me “a hustle ain’t guaranteed unless you gotta  ho-bitch”

Translation:  drug deals don’t always work out but you can always make one of your prostitutes sell a piece of ass.

Now if you can ignore  the obvious disregard for women in this statement then maybe you can consider why our youth are leading criminal lives in high numbers. It is because they are being taught this lifestyle from their families. All parents admire success, and want successful kids but success looks different depending on where you come from.  A mainstream family’s version of success may include a good job, high pay, or owning your own business, or follow in mom or dad’s footsteps.  In the ghetto success may mean that you are a good drug dealer, a pimp with several prostitutes that make you money,  a high-ranking member of a gang, or taking over the family chop shop.  Success looks different depending on where you come from.

No matter what success looks like, all parents give their children advice on how to get ahead. Mainstream parents advice their children to get good grades in school, get involved in sports, get a higher education. Parents in the ghetto give advice like the statement above.  I am a transplant from mainstream to the ghetto and I have been making observations instead of judging.  Children grow up seeing, watching, and eventually engaging in the behaviors that seem to give them the most success in their environment. So the next time you sit and wonder why don’t these people know any better, consider that they don’t in fact know any different than to follow the path their parent showed them.  Maybe people don’t have as much control over the path they have been given.


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